Real-Time Student ServicesTM

Democratizing student support to all students regardless of ability or location results in:

increased enrollment, course completion, retention, and graduation. 


The In-Office Experience for Off-Campus StudentsTM

Imagine new and current students clicking one button from their course or school’s website and instantly meeting your student services departments face-to-face from any location without one email or phone call. Real-Time academic advising, virtual one-on-one enrollment, one-click tutoring, and Real-Time financial aid counselling is the future of education.

Your school has taken many strategic steps to offer classes to off-campus students  don’t leave out the student’s academic support system. Allow your students to get help the moment they need it.

Cranium Cafe — Because human connection matters.


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Students Receive Immediate Help

Cranium Cafe gives students the ability to click one button and access their professor, tutor, classmate, or advisor in a FERPA compliant online meeting without any download or install. The Cafe eliminates all the back-and-forth phone and email,which helps faculty & staff use time & energy more efficiently and brings the human connection back to education.

Reduce Emails and Phone Messages

Complex information can be discussed face-to-face in the Cafe which dramatically reduces back and forth phone calls & email. Prospective students can access your school’s academic advisors, financial aid counselors, enrollment officers, and recruiters from your school’s website with the Cafe Card or Cafe Now button embedded into a webpage.

LMS Integration

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Student Self-Scheduling

If your faculty and staff opt to set Cafe Hours, students can self-schedule meetings. Scheduled meetings will be added to the preferred calendar and can be changed and updated with the Cranium Cafe Outlook Connector plugin and iCal integration.

Customized for Each Staff & Faculty Member

The Cranium team onboards staff and faculty within 30 days. During the onboarding process, we customize each Cafe account to your meeting style. Our technology is flexible and allows you to choose how you want your students to schedule and meet with you. We also integrate your Cafe account into your preferred calendar such as Outlook, Google, or Yahoo.



Meeting Analytics

Generate and download reports for individual and department analytics. Tracks how many students were seen, average length of each meeting, and which day of the week/month/year has the highest Cranium Cafe usage.

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Meeting Archives & Chat History

All Cranium Cafe meetings are archived and available for instant playback. Video, audio, whiteboard, and screen share are recorded, digitally stitched together, and timestamped to ensure quality control and access by department administrators. Chat histories are also available for review.


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